Amanda Hall Named on Business Insider's Climate Action 30 2023 List

November 27, 2023
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The original article was posted on the Climate Action 30 page on November 27, 2023 here.

In a year of record-breaking climate disasters, shifting ESG priorities, and news about a looming environmental tipping point, the need for climate action has never been more urgent.

Luckily, there are leaders up for the challenge of taking on big climate goals with the aim of making tangible progress for current and future generations.

Business Insider's second-annual Climate Action 30 list highlights 30 of these top global leaders working to address the climate crisis through collectivism, community, and accountability.

The list is more than just a page of accomplishments — it's a call to action. We gave each honoree the platform to tell our readers about their fight to curb the climate crisis, as well as the specific actions they think our readers can take to do the same.

While this list is far from definitive, a team of Business Insider reporters and editors selected honorees based on recommendations from relevant sources, insights from our One Planet council, and submissions from our readers. Categories — and each group’s honorees — are listed alphabetically.

This year, we've matched each honoree with a category — academics and scientists; activists and influencers; corporate executives; entrepreneurs; and nonprofit, public sector, and government leaders — to serve as a climate-action "lens" to help us understand the various meanings of the word "impact" and what it can look like across sectors.

The academics and scientists we've featured are at the forefront of uncovering and advancing some of the world's most significant climate discoveries.

The activists and influencers are using their voices and creative actions to build momentum in their communities.

Our corporate leaders are featured for their influence over the products and services that can trigger industry-wide shifts.

And our nonprofit, public sector, and government leaders are championing bold, community-driven change.

Together, the list showcases an eclectic mix of dedicated climate leaders — whether they're on the front lines, in the boardroom, at the policy table, or in the classroom. Climate Action 30 goes beyond recognizing the crisis — it empowers people to be part of the solution. It's a testament to how the power of leadership and hope can create historic change.

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