Amanda Hall on Entrepreneurs for Impact #140

August 8, 2023
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This podcast was originally published by Dr. Chris Wedding (link).

My guest today is Amanda Hall, Founder and CEO of Summit Nanotech, which supports the electric vehicle revolution by capturing lithium ion in brine using nanotechnology.

In their unique process, they shorten the average industry rate of lithium production from 18 months to 1 day. They also dramatically reduce the amount of water, pressure, heat, and chemicals needed to responsibly mine this valuable input for battery storage.

To date, they’ve raised $7M in grants and $65M from investors, such as Capricorn, Evok Innovations, Volta, and Grantham.


In this episode, we talked about:

How her training as a geophysicist in the oil and gas industry trained her for this job

Why she felt compelled to travel to Tibet and why that led her to come back, quit her job, sell her home, sell her oil and gas stocks, and rethink her contributions to the world

What the human kidney and biomimicry taught her about early designs for Summit’s technology

Her advice on trusting her gut to make tough decisions earlier rather than later

The importance of trusting and verifying the data you rely on for growing your company

Why they are vertically integrating to own land and own lithium outputs

What they look for when hiring new team members, such as humility, relentlessness, and a desire to do the impossible

Her favorite quotes

Book recommendations for CEOs to better manage their team’s growth

And lots more

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